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An ISO 9001:2008 certified organization renowned for our nanotechnology anti-slip products, we are the first anti-slip safety solutions provider in India. IguanaGrip® our flagship brand is among the many successful products launched by CZAR Lab which is CE certified (Europe) and works on technology which is also approved by the ADA (US) used for indoors or outdoors and on any ADA accessible surface. FOREGLASS our patented German engineered micro-clear nanotechnology product has multidimensional effects on automotive glass and high-rise glass buildings.

Since our inception in 2010 in Bangalore, India for over 30 years we have been making Indian floors safer. We provide floor slip resistance services as well as anti-slip and non-skid slippery floor solutions for all types of flooring, especially accident-prone areas like bathtubs, showers, kitchens and other slippery surfaces including industrial and commercial environments like walkways, steps, ramps, factory floors, warehouse floors including pallet truck and motor traffic, chemical and abrasion resistant, hard wearing, resistant to aviation fuel, gasoline and aviation hydraulic fluid. Our products are designed for situations ranging from industrial applications with vehicular traffic to commercial applications where aesthetics are as important as safety.

In order to make floors safe it is important to apply the appropriate anti-slip product on the correct surface, with the proper surface preparation and then to maintain the surface appropriately. The nature of the traffic and the nature of the floor surface are to be considered. Areas designed for heavy vehicular traffic require a more aggressive and durable product than areas designed for pedestrian foot traffic when contaminants combine with a naturally smooth, non-porous surface such as steel, concrete, tile, slips and falls are the result. Our products have developed the expertise in this range to address these flaws and draws on three generations of experience in coatings and flooring technology.


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Our Products And Services

Our wide array of services and expertise includes a plethora of options in the below domains:

Epoxy | Polyurethane | Enamel | Anti-Rust

epoxy primers and paints, PU primers and paints, enamel primers and paints, etch primer, chlorinated rubber paint, acrylic vinyl paint, de-rusters, rust converter, zinc silicate coating etc.

Epoxy | Polyurethane | Cementitious

 epoxy floor primers, Top Coat, Anti-Skid Top Coat, Self-Leveling Top Coat, Food Grade Coating, Chemical Resistant Coating, Water Based Epoxy Coating, Polyurethane Floor Primer and Coating, Aqueous Epoxy Primer, Acrylic Floor Screed Plaster etc.

Waterproofing Compounds | Concrete admixtures and grouts

Acrylic Primer/Sealer, Cementitious Acrylic Water, Proofing Compound, Acrylic Cement Slurry, Elastomeric Water Proofing etc.

Water Repellent Coating, Water based tile Coating, PU tile Coating, Thermal Insulation Compound, Water Proofing with thermal insulation, Insulation Wall Paint etc.

Primer, Re-surfacer,  Precoat, Rubber cushion/binder, Topcoat, Anti-skid epoxy flooring etc.

Polyurethane wood sealer, Polyurethane clear, Epoxy Clear Paint for table top etc.

Night Glow Paints, Reflective Paints, Fire Retardant Coatings, 3D Flooring, Plastic Paints, Water Based Polyurethane etc.