CZAR lab is a prominent name for different type of surface treatments. Protective Coating is commonly done on different types of surfaces to prevent corrosion through different sources. Type of coating varies from surface to surface. Industrial flooring will be of completely different requirement in compare to sports flooring. Process starts with analysis of our experts and requirements of clients.

Which are different types of protective coating?

There are numerous ways on which treatment classification can be done. Common types of coating are based on epoxies, polyurethanes and polysiloxanes. Thin layer of solid material is applied on substrate, which prevents corrosion.

What is difference between metallic and non metallic coating over surface?

As per requirements and type of surface, coating can be done through metallic or non-metallic options. Non metallic options include various polymers and epoxies while metallic coating includes zinc, aluminum and chromium. Any such coating can be painted, sprayed or plated on the surface to be protected.

CZAR lab is equipped with various types of products and tools for surface treatment. We have well trained staff to complete process. From inspection of surface to application, we complete every step with care. Our testimonial reflects quality of products and services, we provide. We have catered services across many cities in India namely Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi etc. For more information, you can ask protective treatment experts of CZAR. 

Which are Different Possible Ways of Protective Coating?

To make a coat on the surface is one of the oldest ways to make it durable. Here we will discuss about some popular ways of doing same. Check list from below:

  1. Shot Blasting: in this process pellets are bombarded on the targeted surface. This process improvises fatigue strength of the surface.
  2. Sand Blasting: in this process surface is cleaned and treated with high speed sand flow. For pressure building, compressed air is used.
  3. In Mold Decoration: this is popularly known as painting free technology. Along with protective coating, this method is also used for decoration. Normally it works using three layer system:  inner age consists of hard transparent film, middle layer will have printed pattern and the last one is injection layer.

For more information about protective coating, you can check website of Czar lab.