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Top Coat

Top coating is a transparent or translucent coat of paint applied over the underlying material as a sealer. In a paint system, the topcoat provides a resinous seal over the intermediate coats and the primer. The first topcoat may in fact penetrate into the intermediate coat, thus providing the coating system with an impervious top surface. The topcoat is the first line of defense of many coatings against aggressive agents. The coats in typical paint systems may be divided into primer, intermediate coats and topcoat.

Topcoats are generally structured and textured, often requiring specialized application equipment. Topcoats are denser than intermediate coats because topcoats are formulated with a lower pigment-to-vehicle (solvent) ratio.

Topcoat reduces the rate of moisture permeation to the underlying coats. The top coated system has the shortest maintenance interval, since the paint requires more frequent maintenance than either of the other options.

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