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Acrylic Floor Screed Plaster

They are 100% acrylic-based finishes using the latest Dirt Pick-up Resistance (DPR) technology. They provide a flexible, durable, integrally colored finish, which enhances the appearance of any plastered structure. Acrylic-based finishes may be sprayed or troweled to achieve a variety of texture options and are available in the following finishes: Coarse (~1.5mm): Heavy sand-like finish. Medium (~0.8mm): Medium sand-like finish. Fine (~0.3mm): Imperfect smooth type finish. Acrylic, ready-to-use, white or colored, water-repellent floor screed plaster is suitable for creating a smooth surface.

It eliminates the need for facade painting. Due to its high elasticity and excellent bonding to the surface, it is also an ideal final layer for external thermally-insulated facades.

Custom acrylic floor screed are designed to create a rustic, mottled finish similar to the timeless beauty of century old plaster. They also act as a water-resistant sealer and can be applied over acrylic fine aggregate finishes.

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