Are you looking for wood coating to prevent it from different types of corrosion? CZAR lab has been involved in various types of wood coatings since more than ten years. We have latest technology as well as required tools to complete smooth and durable coating for your wooden surface. We have worked with numerous clients in cities namely Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai,

What is wood coating?

Wood coating is a process in which a kind of material is applied on wooden surface to make it safe from natural and manmade factors. Wood coating becomes mandatory, if you are located at any place where climate supports corrosion. From kitchen deck to wooden surface of stadium, such application can be done anywhere. After application, surface becomes durable as well as attractive. India is second largest market in the world after China for such products.

Based on finish, wood coating can be classified in many groups as listed below:


  1. Polyurethanes: it dries and spread faster than others
  2. Oil based waterproofing: used for low traffic areas and it dries slowly.
  3. Varnish: it is highly durable
  4. Furniture wax: very glossy look and quite easy to remove. It needs application frequently
  5. Shellac: it provides hard finish and dries quickly. It is not recommended if wood is exposed to moisture.

For more information about wood coating in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc, you can contact the team of CZAR lab.