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International terminology – 1) Thermal Paints. 2) Insulating Paints.

Description: Thermal paint insulating technology quite simply creates a thermal barrier which reflects heat once the paint or coating has dried. So, properties in hot climates save energy and money on air-conditioning bills when exterior walls and roofs are coated, because less solar heat passes through these surfaces into the buildings. Conversely, properties in cooler climates save energy and save money on heating bills when interior walls and ceilings are painted with thermal and insulating paint products, because heat loss is reduced. Another important feature of these paints is that condensation problems are dramatically reduced or eliminated entirely due to the special resins contained within the products. Insulating paint is said to consist of honeycomb or ceramic hollow balls supposedly invented by NASA, which do not just slow down the heat transfer through the walls but actually stops it all together. Therefore the heat has no choice but to go back into the room. This means that your rooms do not take as long to heat up and you don’t have to have your boiler on for as long. Insulating paint could mean keeping heat in one area, or restricting it from transferring to an adjacent room. Thermal paint too could be a term where the user needs to keep an area warm in cold climates by containing heat through internal application, or alternately keeping an area cool in hotter climates by reflecting heat through external application. These paints are high-quality, thermal-protective, waterproofing paint of unique formulation that combines different performance pillars.

Its hybrid formulation provides an elastomeric behavior in a wide range of external temperatures, allowing coverage of cracks of up to 1.5 mm. It also provides a thermal conductivity 4 times smaller than that of a regular paint and its final coating reflects thermal radiation and limits moisture absorption.

These paints are applied on walls which withstands ponding water, prevents mould growth and assures perfect coating adhesion, even in low porosity substrates.

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