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Water Based Anti-Corrosive Paint

This water-based anti-corrosion paint is prepared from lignosulfonate modified inorganic nanofiller, water-based epoxy resin, water-based curing agent and water. In recent years, along with the enhancing of people’s environmental consciousness, water-based anticorrosive paint is the feature such as VOC quantity discharged is little, quick-drying, and is more and more subject to people’s attention. But traditional water-based anticorrosive paint has the shortcoming of barrier property difference, thus affecting its antiseptic property. Therefore, people introduce nano-inorganic particles usually as a filler and the composite barrier property strengthening coating of water-based anticorrosive paint. But nano-inorganic particles are easily reunited in coating matrix, bad dispersibility, easily produces stress cracking and protection defect at particle aggregation place, thus greatly affecting the preservative efficiency of the protective system. Water-based coating development remains a focus for industry formulators.

This push is driven by the continuing tightening of regulations brought in to lessen the detrimental impact that solvent-based coatings have on both worker health and the environment.

As the technology for water-based coatings continues to evolve, one of the key challenges that remain is to significantly improve their anti-corrosion performance. In doing so, this will fully extend their use away from decorative applications into broader industrial protective coatings.

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