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Water Based Polyurethane Coating

Water-based urethane coatings, often acrylic, are made up of various percentage chemical components dispersed in water. The binder is an acrylic or polyurethane resin emulsified or dispersed in water. It is a two component waterborne acrylic polyurethane finish, it provides excellent durability and long term recoatability. It is suitable for use in new construction systems in a wide variety of environments, including commercial infrastructure, factories, processing industries and oil and gas facilities.Water-based coatings are designed to reduce the absorption of moisture and solar radiation. In this way they guarantee advantages in terms of resistance to the outside and reduction of solvent emissions. Water-based coatings are normally applied by spray, roller or brush.

These products can be applied with normal spray coating systems (cup, airless, airmix, electrostatic) as long as the construction materials of the equipment are suitable for contact with water.

Available in different formulations and gloss levels, water-based coatings are mainly used for finishing wood, glass and iron, but they also give excellent results on plastic and PVC.

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