Surface Treatment

CZAR lab has more than ten years experience in different types of surface treatment. Our trained staff, modern technology and latest equipments are main strength to accomplish perfect service. Some common surface treatments are as listed below:  

  1. Anti corrosive coating and paint
  2. Industrial Flooring
  3. Thermal Insulation coating
  4. Sports Flooring
  5. Wood coating
  6. Special paint based treatment

How to do surface treatment for anti corrosion?

 Corrosion is one of the common problems on different types of surfaces. Various epoxy paints and primers are used for application on surface. Two main components of these products are fullerene C60 and graphene. Using these products, our trained team inspect surface and then apply as per requirement.

Which are various surface treatment products available with CZAR lab?

We have different types of products and selection is done after considering type of surface to be treated. Some main products are Epoxy printer, Epoxy paints, Polyurethane paints, Polyurethane primers, Enamel paints & primers, alkali based degreaser and many more.

Which are different types of surface treatment process to deal with corrosion?

This type of treatment is commonly done to enhance appearance of surface and to develop resistance for corrosion. Different types of processes include spray painting, electrostatic painting, dipping and brushing. Electrostatic painting is considered better than others.                 

CZAR lab has been providing services across various cities in India namely Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata etc. We have pan India presence with our franchises. For more information of surface treatment, you can check website or ask experts of company.

Which are Different Processes for Surface Treatment?

There could be numerous ways through which surface could be treated to avoid erosion and other decays. Some are as mentioned below:

  1. Micro Arc Oxidation: sometime this process is called micro-plasma oxidation. On the surface of metal, a thin ceramic layer composed of metal oxide is developed with help of high temperature and pressure.
  2. Metal wire based drawing: this is also a popular surface treatment method by using decorative lines by use of grinding method.
  3. Bluing: carcass part is filled with color glaze and then put it inside furnace. Raise temperature up to 750 degree Celsius. Look comes after cooling of material. Entire process can be repeated for better results.