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Solvent Free Epoxy Coating

International terminology – 1) Solvent Free Epoxy.

Description: Solvent-free refers to a substance that contains little or no solvent. Paint, adhesives, hash oil and epoxy are substances that normally contain very little solvent. When adhesive contains less than 5% solvent, it is considered a solvent-free adhesive. Solvent-free epoxy is solid and contains no water or solvent as diluents. Solvent-free indicates that the substances are environmentally friendly. Solvent-free paints and coatings are used to protect against environmental corrosion of materials. In solvent-free conditions, the sparing use of chemical reagents or solvents causes little environmental pollution. Solvent-free synthesis is an alternative method to solution-based synthesis. Solvent-free synthesis has several advantages over the classic method of synthesis, including that it is a type of green chemistry where little or no solvents are used and environmentally friendly chemicals are used.

There are some solvent-free anti-corrosion agents based on mineral oil, which are used for corrosion protection. They are highly effective for preserving iron or non-iron metals. Solvent-free epoxy coatings are used for damp proofing and color protection

Solvent-free epoxy tank coating can be used against a variety of chemicals and petroleum products. This coating is suitable for inner linings, onshore & offshore buried tanks, and many other types of storage tanks.

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