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Aqueous Epoxy Primer

Aqueous primer compositions containing substantially no volatile organic solvents, suitable for promoting the bonding of a metal adherend to a second adherend, are prepared by dispersing one or more solid epoxy resins and a solid curing agent into water such that the particle sizes of the solids are less than 30 μm. The primer compositions are environmentally superior to solvent based primers without loss of physical properties, are storage stable, and exhibit excellent solvent resistance.

Coatings formulated with this new resin exhibit properties on metal substrates that are equal in performance to conventional solvent based systems. Advantages include rapid lacquer dry, fast development of early water resistance and a long pot life.

The amine curing agent serves as the emulsifier for the epoxy resin and the emulsion, which contains both epoxy resin and amine is readily formed when the two components of the paint are mixed together.

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