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Water Based Epoxy Coating

Water-based epoxy coatings have seen an upsurge in use for specific applications, it is a two component, amine-cured, epoxy coating that displays excellent penetrating properties which consolidates the concrete substrate. Their lower VOC content is seen as a clear advantage where restrictions on VOCs are especially stringent. Water-based epoxy coatings typically have a very low to zero solvent content and minimal odor, and depending on the product, can often be applied to concrete while it is still damp or still in the process of curing. It produces a surface coating/film that exhibits outstanding water and chemical resistance, excellent resistance to acids, solvents, oils, and gasoline and a superior combination of impact, abrasion, and scuff-resistance.

However, water-based epoxy technology, while having made significant strides, has not yet produced materials with the level of chemical resistance and durability needed for many commercial and industrial applications.

It is therefore most often used in light to moderate duty environments, where more frequent re-coating is acceptable and it should be considered for all interior concrete sealing applications where superior durability is required and solvent odors and flammability are not acceptable.

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