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Polyurethane Paints

In polyurethane paints, the polymer offers a tough and durable coating that is highly resistant to extremes of weather – intense sun, wind and precipitation. The polyurethane also allows the paint to be formulated to higher gloss levels, offering a beautiful and consistent finish. The higher gloss level also allows improved “self-cleaning” – that is, dirt and dust washes off during rain, and residual dirt can be easily removed by detergent and water. Graffiti can also be removed from the smooth surface using proprietary cleaning agents. Therefore, a polyurethane based paint is generally the best option for the long-term protection and decoration of a wide range of substrates.

Polyurethanes are typically the most resistant to water exposure, high humidity, temperature extremes, and fungus or mildew, which also adversely affect paint performance. Polyurethane paints may also be applied over a straight oil finish, but because of the relatively slow curing time, the presence of volatile byproducts of curing, and the need for extended exposure to oxygen, care must be taken that they are sufficiently cured to accept the polyurethane.

Paints generally contain a mixture of solvents and additives that can cause health problems if handled inappropriately.

Polyurethanes are cured using a poly-isocyanate curing agent (hardener), which contains a small proportion of isocyanate monomer, which is a health hazard if spray mist is inhaled during spray application. Like any solvent-borne paint, polyurethane paints are relatively safe to use.

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