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Etch Primer

Etch Primers are single pack metal primers formulated with a combination of resins to maximize adhesion to the various metal surfaces on which they may be used. A low level of phosphoric acid is present in these primers to etch the metal surface and improve adhesion. The coatings also contain zinc phosphate anti-corrosion pigment for steel surfaces. An important point to note is that they are formulated with low volume solids so that the film builds can be kept low (10 – 15 μm). Etch Primers are intended for use as primers on new or relatively sound ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces. Examples of the types of surfaces on which these products would be used are lightweight tubing or thin sheet metal surfaces that cannot be prepared by abrasive blast cleaning.

In such cases the combination hand/power tool abrasion and acid present in the primer generally provides sufficient adhesion to allow the use of thin film two-pack finishes.

Severely corroded surfaces or those that can be prepared by abrasive blast cleaning would be better served by a surface tolerant or conventional two-pack epoxy primer, as these products offer better long term corrosion protection than etch primers.

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