Nowadays waterproofing is a common requirement for residential as well as commercial properties. CZAR lab has required products and trained staff to make your surface water proof. Water is the most common reason behind damage to concrete. Chemical waterproofing has been becoming popular globally because it is easy to apply and result is highly durable too. Ask experts of CZAR lab and they will provide information about available options.

Which are different types of waterproofing methods?

  1. Epoxy injection method: if there are cracks in the concrete structure then this is one of the options. Chemical is inserted in cracks or drilling holes.
  2. Vinyl ester resin method: in this method, vinyl ester is applied on the concrete surface.
  3. Polyurethane liquid: as clear by name, this is type of liquid that is mainly applied on the flat surface. This is the most costly method among all available options.
  4. Bituminous waterproofing method: this is a good option for concrete foundation. For this treatment, polymer grade used and fiber added to chemical are important.
  5. Crystallization based water proofing: this type of treatment tackles with corrosion caused by carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, water etc.  

Waterproofing paint is also one of the popular options but it is not recommended for industrial usages because it makes surface slippery. Apart from these five mentioned over here, there are numerous other options too. Ask team of CZAR lab and we will inspect your surface. Prior to inspection, it is not easy to say anything about requirement.

Our client base is present across different cities namely Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata etc. Ask experts of CZAR lab or read blogs for more information. Nowadays waterproofing option is reliable as well as affordable.