Anti Corrosive Coatings and Paints

Zinc Silicate Coating

A two component self-curing solvent based inorganic zinc silicate primer for use in marine, coastal and heavy industrial environments. Silicate coating provides a tough abrasion resistant coating and renders outstanding galvanic protection to steel by eliminating sub-film corrosion. It proves extremely satisfactory even when used as a single coat system and immensely upgrades anticorrosive performance of over coating systems like epoxy, chlorinated rubber, vinyl and polyurethane paints.

Being zinc based the coating is not recommended for exposure to acids or alkalis without suitable top coats.

It is used as a single coat system or priming coat for heavy duty systems for: Structural Steel, Pipelines, interior and exterior of storage tanks for Fertilizer plants, Refineries & Petrochemical units, Chemical units, Offshore Platforms, Power Plants etc.

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