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Polyurethane Floor Primer

Urethane (also referred to as polyurethane). They are also called urethane mortars, these products are very different from what one may think of as thin film polyurethane clear coats and high performance urethane topcoats. Cementitious urethane primer, slurry and troweled materials are unique in that they contain a Portland cement component. As the first coat in a multi-layered, 3/16”-1/4” thick urethane mortar flooring system, cementitious urethane primers provide excellent surface penetration and bond to mechanically prepared concrete substrates.

Unlike many epoxy base coats, cementitious urethane primers are moisture tolerant and can be applied to concrete floors that are consistently damp, such as in food processing plants, or even over “green” concrete.

Thanks to their Portland cement content, like urethane mortar systems as a whole, these primers expand and contract at a rate very similar to concrete. When exposed to drastic swings in temperature, cementitious urethane primers can maintain their good bond.

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