CZAR lab is a prominent name for various types of surface treatment. Among all types of surface treatment, anti corrosive treatment is the most common one. For residential as well as commercial properties, we have completed treatment at different places in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc. Numerous options, which are available with us are Epoxy primer, Epoxy paint, Polyurethane paint & primer, Enamel based primer and paint etc.

If you get any anti corrosive coating then it will make a thin layer on the surface which will work as protective layer against different types of corrosion. Such corrosion can take place because of different reasons namely moisture, salt, oxidation, exposure of various types of chemicals etc. As stated earlier, there are numerous type of coatings available and each has different properties.

Fluoropolymer: this coating is based on resin blend.

Molybdenum: friction protection for high pressure load.

Epoxy: extremely cost-effective & high anti corrosion ability

Phenolic: if surface is supposed to have low PH value and surrounding has high temperature then opt for this one.

Which are different types of corrosion surfaces often face?

Corrosion depends on numerous factors such as type of movement, environment, pressure on surface and many more. Some common types of corrosions are as listed below:

  1. Uniform or general attack  
  2. Galvanic corrosion
  3. Crevice corrosion
  4. Pitting corrosion
  5. Selective leaching
  6. Stress corrosion

For more information or anti corrosive coating / paints, you can ask team of CZAR lab. Our client base is in numerous cities of India namely Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc. Check website for more information.