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Cementitious Acrylic Water

International terminology – 1) 2 part acrylic modified cementitious waterproofing coating.

Cementitious waterproof coatings are typically two-component blends used behind tile, over masonry patching, and over concrete surfaces. These above and below-grade waterproofing coatings have good affinity to concrete and masonry substrates due to their cementitious nature, and thus strong bonding strength. The polymer modifier contributes to the flexibility properties and a waterproofing system based on selected liquid polymer and powder.

Acrylic modified cementitious coating is widely used for water tightness works, protection of concrete structures against water, vapor, ingress of chloride ions, attacks of acidic gases and alkalis, water proofing of masonry structures, marble and other construction materials.

Part A is a blend of cement, selected fillers, polymers and graded silica sand which is in the powder form and Part B, the liquid contains acrylic co-polymers and wetting agents.

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