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Acrylic paint is made by combining powdered pigment and acrylic adhesives. Another variety of acrylic paint, the vinyl acrylic, is made by combining polyvinyl acetate resin instead of acrylic resin. Vinyl acrylic paint is a popular choice due to its low odor. Many people find they are bothered by the scent of other paints, especially oil paints. The vinyl acrylic paint is water based, but becomes water resistant when dry. It may be used to seal and protect surfaces, and will adhere to almost any material. This paint dries incredibly quickly and can have a shelf life of over a decade.

Due to its ability to dry rapidly, consecutive layers of color may be applied easily. Since vinyl acrylic paint is water based, adding more water to paint allows the painter to control the density of color.

Vinyl acrylics will bind to almost any surface, as long as it is not slick. On a new plaster surface the wall should be primed using a commercial primer/sealer designed for raw plaster.

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