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Bonding Admixture

International terminology – 1) Bonding Agent. 2) Bonding Adhesive.

Bonding Admixture is a water-based, professional strength reemulsifiable concrete adhesive that bonds old concrete and new concrete, stucco, plaster, and mortar for stronger, more reliable repairs. It is a 100% acrylic polymer designed for use as a concrete bonding agent and admixture for cement based materials and mixes. This acrylic polymer will significantly improve adhesion and cohesion as well as tensile, compressive, flexural and mechanical properties of cement based mixtures. They never re-emulsify when exposed to water and will also improve freeze/thaw stability of Portland cement based products.

It improves bond, flexural and tensile strength when bonding to concrete, brick, block and render and can be feather edged and reduces surface cracking.

The Admixture is easy to use and can be used on interior and exterior surfaces to reduce cracks and improve bonding, impact, and flexural strength of stucco, mortar, plaster, grout and concrete.

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