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Alkaline Degreaser

Alkaline degreasers are heavy duty water based alkaline cleaners. It has numerous cleaning applications including removal of sludge, soot, carbon deposits, greases, vegetable and animal oils, waxes, grime and dirt. They are also used for cargo hold cleaning. It is a cleaning formula that is great for use in manufacturing and industrial environments with petroleum and grease and can be used on urethane or epoxy coated floors, as well as uncoated floors.

It is a high-caustic, high-foaming decarbonizing degreaser designed for use on food processing surfaces such as floors, walls, equipment, smokehouses, ovens, vats and other equipment.

They are compatible with most industrial grade steam generators and pressure washers and for use on industrial surfaces such as motors, transmissions, engines, trailers, and other equipment. It is also safe for use on all water washable surfaces including aluminum, ferrous metal alloys, glass, plastic, tiles and painted surfaces.

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