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Epoxy Paints

An epoxy paint is typically a latex-acrylic blend similar to wall paint with just a small amount of epoxy resin added. This type of paint is not intended for commercial facility traffic as it generally requires no substrate preparation other than washing the floor. When selecting an epoxy paint, an important number to consider is the percentage of solids in the product. This number refers to the percentage of the original product that remains on the floor when it is finished drying, paints typically have a lower solids percentage, with a relatively large portion of the product evaporating as it dries.

No surface preparation is needed apart from cleaning the concrete substrate, As such, epoxy paints offer homeowners a useful, short term, light traffic solution.

However, in industrial, commercial or institutional locations, the wear and tear of daily use and heavy foot and cart traffic, frequent cleanings, and specific operational activities can quickly damage and degrade light duty epoxy paint. To apply epoxy paints, the product is either rolled or sprayed and the application process includes two to three coats.

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