CZAR lab is a prominent name in India that offers thermal insulation for various types of surfaces. We have numerous options available for this service. For comfortable environment inside a building it is important to insulate it during heat and cold. If any building gets thermally insulated then it will reduce energy charges for building.

With CZAR numerous options are available for insulation namely water repellent coating, polyurethane coating, thermal insulation compound coating, insulation wall paint application etc. Polyurethane is the most popular option for coating. PIR is a thermally insulated board produced out of a chemical process after polyurethane (PU) foam combined with an isocyanurate catalyst. This option can be used for residential as well as commercial buildings.

What are advantages of Polyurethane?

Numerous advantages are associated with Polyurethane. This is a fire proof option for surface coating. It can bear temperature up to 250 degree Celsius. Its thermal conductivity is extremely low. After application, compressive strength will also go high.

To make surface thermally insulated is extremely important for some industrial operations. Gone are those days when some types of industries were specific to any geographical location. Nowadays with usage of thermal insulation things have become quite easy. We have worked for thermal insulation coating with numerous clients in various cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai etc. For more information about any type of surface treatment check website of CZAR lab or ask our experts.