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Epoxy Cementitious Floor Screed – High and Low Thickness

Epoxy Screed is a solvent free highly filled three parts flooring screed. When applied on concrete surface, it gives a high strength flooring and tank lining, capable to withstand extremely high loading, wear and chemical resistance. Cementitious screeds contain cement that act as a binder in the screed formulation. Cementitious screeds can either be a traditional sand: cement mix or a proprietary screed mix. Epoxy floor screeds are used to bond screeds to the substrate, meaning that the screed can be laid thinly without the risk of cracking or curling. The minimum thickness of each type of screed varies based on the application. Screed thickness is usually directly proportional to the duty requirements of the intended application.

Heavy-duty applications such as high traffic areas require high thickness screed from 5mm to 10mm anything lesser falls under low thickness.

They provide a hard wearing floor surface with excellent chemical, impact and abrasion resistance, and are widely used in Engineering, Manufacturing, Print, Pharmaceutical and Warehouse and Distribution environments.

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