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Food Grade Coating

International terminology – 1) FDA approved coating.

 Food grade coatings are specialized floor and wall paint coats which are applied on to the floors of wholesale and retail food storage and warehouses. Irrespective of the type of food storage unit, these coatings play an instrumental role in keeping the surface non-slippery, hygienic, water proof, besides blending floor with unmatched durability. Food grade coatings help in achieving attractive high-gloss finish.

Food Grade Coatings work effectively in severed ware house floors and food storage units. The coatings have advanced anti-microbial technology which provides real fortification against bacterial, mould and mildew.

These coatings are also applied on concrete wall, concrete floor and metal tanks. These paints exhibit outstanding adhesion to all types of substrate including paper items, metals etc. In the US it needs to be approved by the FDA.

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