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Chemical Resistant Coating

Chemical resistant coatings are intended primarily for industrial applications as protection from intermittent and continuous exposures to corrosive acids, alkalies and solvents as well as fuels, oils and greases. They provide unsurpassed concrete protection and chemical containment in the electronics, chemical processing, waste treatment and related industries. All coatings are 100% solids, are not flammable, have very low shrinkage, contain no solvents or water, and have 0 VOCs so they can be used almost anywhere. These coatings uniquely combine epoxy novolac and poly-sulfide technology. This results in high acid, caustic and solvent resistance along with elastomeric qualities for steel and concrete substrates. Typical applications include oil field tank linings, secondary containment, chemical process floor areas and hazardous waste facility flooring.

Many of these epoxy coatings are used in loading and handling areas that require double (secondary) containment of hazardous materials.

They offer the advantages of outstanding chemical resistance, low coefficient of expansion and high tensile strength. This seamless lining system provides a surface that is impermeable to chemicals yet weighs and costs significantly less than acid-proof brick construction.

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