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Self-Leveling Top Coat

International terminology – 1) Self leveling overlays. 2) Self leveling topping.

 Self-leveling toppings and self-leveling overlays are for use over existing concrete substrates that are rough, uneven or unattractive. They can be poured over concrete surfaces as it is faster and easier than pouring new concrete. It also contains a specialty aggregate to better replicate the appearance of standard polished concrete. These toppings can have pea gravel added as an extender and the mix also includes leveling agents. With the average self-leveling topping, there are at-least 10 to 20 ingredients that work together to give a hard-cured concrete finish within hours or days.

Self-leveling toppings are primarily for use on interior floors, but some use them on counter-tops and in precast molds.

Typical applications include warehouse floors and for institutional, educational, office and commercial, retail, supermarket and food service, residential and even light industrial use with an emphasis on light.

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