CZAR lab has various products and trained staffs to work on all types of flooring. Industrial flooring is one of the common requirements among various types of flooring. Numerous coating options are available with CZAR and some of them are Epoxy primer, anti skid coating, self-leveling coat, ESD conductive coating, Insulating coating, chemical resistance treatment and many more. Ask our inspection team to check your surface and they will suggest type of treatment.

Concrete flooring is considered the most effective option for industries. Nowadays numerous readymade options are also available in market which can be selected as per movement on floor. Nowadays rubber flooring option is also becoming popular in India. Some common types of flooring that are available for industries in India are as listed below:

  1. Industrial Concrete Flooring: this is the oldest option and still most durable too. Commonly used for roadways, walkways, parking space etc. Such flooring is quite common on suspended metallic deck.   
  2. Polished concrete flooring: as clear by name, there will be polish on surface. Often found in galleries, restaurants etc. Because of its durability feature and smart finish look, nowadays it can be seen in residential properties.
  3. Commercial concrete: this is a surface of low maintenance and highly customizable. Slip resistant is also an additional feature in this type of surface.
  4. Rubber flooring: this is not suitable for all type of industries. If you have industry with less vehicle or heavy weight movement then rubber may not be the best option. Rubber flooring will be free from slip, fire threats and water corrosion.

For more information about industrial flooring, you can ask experts of CZAR lab. We have numerous clients in different cities namely Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. For more information on flooring, go through blogs of CZAR.