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International terminology – 1) Elastomeric coatings.

Description: Elastomeric coating is an above-grade exterior wall or roof coating that is approximately 10 times thicker than paint. It forms an incredibly thick yet flexible coating that helps waterproof the exterior of a structure. Unlike other types of coatings or paints, it can bridge hairline cracks to complete an airtight waterproof seal. It is a suitable material for use on surfaces such as stucco, concrete, masonry and more. Elastomeric coatings can be used on walls as well as roofs. When the elastomeric coating is applied it is in liquid form, it completely dries, hardens and bonds to the structure and yet remains flexible, moving, bending and flexing as the structure underneath moves, bends and flexes. In addition to providing a waterproof protective coating to a structure, it also helps protect the structure from damage. Elastomeric coating is chemical and mildew. It can be tinted to a number of colors and retains its color very well in long-term. For these reasons, it helps maintain the appealing look of the exterior of the building and wards off the less appealing look of damage, wear and tear and is a great option for homes built in extreme weather climates.

As the entire world adopts a “go green” approach one way to do so is with elastomeric coating. Elastomeric coating is heat resistant and helps drastically improve the energy efficiency of whatever building it is applied to.

Because they are UV resistant, they essentially act like round the clock “sunblock” for the structure. While it is commonly used in industrial applications, it can be used in residential applications as well.

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