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Water Based Tile Coating

International terminology – 1) Urethane Coating. 2) Solvent Base Impregnators. 3) Water Base Impregnators/ Penetrating Sealers.

It is a urethane coating used to seal and protect any vertical or horizontal surface. The only way to protect the substrate is to penetrate it with something that will carry the protection into it. The protection can be silicone, silanes, siloxanes, fluoropolymer, etc. But it has to be carried into the substrate and typically it will be one of two vehicles: solvent or water. Solvent will allow varied and typically deeper penetration into the substrate than water. The curing process, which is a result of evaporation in most cases, can be adjusted by using different solvents. Solvent base products can be cross-linked, allowing a wider temperature window for application, better durability and typically are unaffected by exposure to cold during storage and transport. Water is hydroscopic and will hold out on the surface. The protection cannot penetrate any deeper than water will. For many dense substrates like porcelain or polished granite, water will not penetrate very deeply leaving the protection on or at the surface, hence the poorer durability to wear and tear over the long term. Any polymer can be emulsified, but unlike solvent base products they cannot be cross-linked (cured) to give best performance and durability.

An impregnator/penetrating sealer will resist water, oils, grease, mold, mildew, algae, efflorescence, graffiti, grout dyes, mortar haze, acid rain, atmospheric dirt, lime deposits, soap scum and other penetrating items.

In addition, a pregnator/penetrating sealer will make the surface less slippery, harder, allow water vapor transmission and not change the natural look of the surface. The theory is to make the surface easier to keep clean and pristine by using an impregnator/ penetrating sealer.

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